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Routine Eating Fish Makes Life Longevity

It is well known that fish have healthy fats that are better than red meat and other animal fats. But not many know that the effect can be very extraordinary in prolonging life.

Routine Eating Fish Makes Life Longevity
Routine Eating Fish Makes Life Longevity

Reporting from TIME, a study published in the journal BMJ found that the healthy fat content in fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids (polyunsaturated fats) found in foods such as fish, nuts, green vegetables and vegetables, and seed oils flax is believed to be able to prevent premature aging.

But unique, the omega 3 fatty acids found in seafood or marine fish have the strongest effect, as the study author Heidi Lai said.

Penelityi saw the effect of experiments on 2,600 elderly adults at U.S. Cardiovascular Health Study. Researchers took blood samples after ingestion of omega-3 fatty acids from marine fish for six years and seven years thereafter.

As a result, people who consume more fish every day are able to meet the needs of omega-3 fatty acids and are proven to be healthier and longer in life than those who do not eat sea fish at all.

So, you can start now more diligently eating healthily by eating more ladies’ sea fish.